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Woodland Mathematics - Part-time
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Hello!  I’m Mary Young, and I am so excited to welcome you to Math 52 (Intermediate Algebra).  This is the first time in your mathematical journey that you begin to notice that you are actually doing mathematics, working with topics that you have never seen before.  I hope that many of you will experience that “a-ha” moment and come to appreciate the beauty of mathematics.  The strange feature of academic mathematics is that you earn your grade one semester, and then you begin to understand what you did a semester later.  Don’t worry!  It happens to us all.  I can hardly wait to start our informative and engaging semester together!

I received my B.S. (Mathematics) and M.S.Ed (Math Education) from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois.  My graduate work was in Boolean Algebra with a  thesis on "A Graph Theoretical Approach to the Quine-McClusky Algorithm" As a graduate student, I taught lower level mathematics classes at the university..I have taught for secondary schools in St. Louis, Okinawa (Department of Defense), and Sacramento.  I began teaching here at Woodland Community College in 2001 as an adjunct in mathematics. The students at Woodland are amazing!  The ability to balance responsibilites to family, work, and school is unbelievable.

My passions are theater and grandchildren.  I love to perform in Broadway musicals, mostly at Davis Musical Theater Company. That's why teaching is so perfect.  Not only do you get to entertain, you provide a needed service. I am very proud that I have been able to introduce  my three grandchildren to the performing arts.It is a joy that they will take through life.

Class Schedule

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Title: Interm Algebra
Method: LEC02   Section: MATH-52-W7031
6:00PM to 7:50PM
01-24-2022 to 05-27-2022
Bldg: W300
Room: W-318